The aim of the photo exercise is to celebrate the Texas-Mexico borderland culture and (especially with this first sticker) to promote the cause of DACA dreamers. Please help us by sending us your photos of the sticker in places that show how these two cultures come together.

We print the stickers for our social action  art project in small batches and only ask for a donation of what it will cost to replace them. We appreciate your participation in defense of Borderland Culture.


Click here to buy stickers. We'll mail the stickers to you (all stickers are $3 each). Once you've received your stickers, please follow these steps:

  1. Place stickers in cool places.

  2. Photograph stickers (remember to show some context :)

  3. Share on social media with #keepcalmydreamon
    or -
    email images to

  4. We will post/share photos on our feeds

  5. Photos will be curated for a future exhibition at a very prestigious venue

  6. Give stickers to friends near and far who want to help

NOTE: With each image please include:

  • Title of Photo (optional)

  • Location

  • City

  • Date

  • Name of Photographer (for photo credit)

ART WALLS (Under Construction)

  • Download a template for the Keep Calm Art Wall of your choice

  • Select and Paint Your Wall

  • Promote Participation and Selfiehood

  • Share photos on Social Media and with Us at any of the addresses above.