Keep Calm y Dream On is a public art/social practice campaign celebrating the blended borderland culture in the region along the border of USA & Mexico. We believe the blending of peoples, languages, cuisines and customs makes for a stronger, richer country.

We are communicating this belief by creating distinct messages in defense of borderland culture, executed as screen prints, stickers, and murals starting with “Keep Calm y Dream On”.

The prints and stickers are then placed in public locations where they can be seen by others. We are also photographing these messages in their new locations and sharing them on social media to maximize reach.


To have the reach needed to be successful in our mission, we need your help.

Click below to buy Keep Calm y Dream On stickers. Place and photograph the stickers in an interesting context. Send us your photographs and we will share them on our social media and website. They will also have the opportunity to be featured in an exhibition in the near future.

We print the stickers for our social action  art project in small batches and only ask for a donation of what it will cost to replace them. We appreciate your participation in defense of Borderland Culture.

Photo by Edward Speed

Photo by Edward Speed