Over 40 Distinct Messages in defense of borderland culture, executed as screen prints, signs, murals, interactive art walls, t shirts and as stickers starting with “Keep Calm Y Dream On”.

The Border Cultura Social Practice Project Stickers will partner with The Southwest School of Art and other such institutions, organizations, artists and individuals of like mind and heart. Stickers will be available at partner locations or provided to participants by mail free of charge. Participants will shoot photos of their stickers in one or more settings/contexts and share on social media and with the artist via  Participants will also be encouraged to send stickers and art wall templates to friends far and near who want help, in this way we hope to disseminate our messages nationally and maybe even worldwide!

Photos will be posted on KeepCalmYDreamOn’s facebook page as well as on Instagram #KeepCalmyDreamOn., a website/blog spot for the project, is currently under development and will launch soon. Here, all interested parties can get details on the project and how to participate, as well as updates on how we are doing.

An art exhibition will consist of stickers/screen printed messages/posted bills, plus curated photographs submitted from a wide range of participants. Each message will be produced as an edition of 24-30 screen prints, and most of these will be available for sale. Exhibition will take place Spring 2019 at The Southwest School of Art in San Antonio, Texas. Notices about the exhibition will be posted on social media as well as sent via email to any participants who provide the project with an email address or Facebook address.